Tourism is the largest industry in the world moving thousands of people, thus increasing the economic growth of destinations and making their competition getting stiff. This factgives great power to the tourists who takes the final decision of choosing a holiday destination.

Invest or not in a particular holiday destination can be a challenge for tourists who usually tend to avoid countries with low social welfare and poor environmental reputation, but these are facts often difficult to investigate.

Thus, the NGO Ethical Traveler considers that the choice of a destination of impacts has economic and political implications that go beyond the personal experiences by advising tourists, as responsible citizens and good will, to choose good at their holiday destination .

So to support the tourists around the world, the Ethical Traveler reviews the policies and practices of developing countries and selects the top 10 in the promotion of human rights, environmental protection and social welfare.

It is so since 2011 Cape Verde has been in the top 10 list of the most ethical of world travel destinations. The list published last December highlights in alphabetical order the 2015 Year winners:

1. Cabo Verde
2. Chile
3. Republica Dominicana
4. Lituânia
5. Maurícias
6. Palau
7. Samoa
8. Tonga
9. Uruguai
10. Vanuatu

This reference symbolically rewards the bet government and tour operators to promote these volcanic islands, surrounded by sea, rich in culture and reinforces the genuine appeal of Cape Verde as a destination for the 2015 year vacation Specifically Cape Verde stands out for :
• Protecting the Environment – Cape Verde is to establish stronger links between rural development, biodiversity conservation, poverty reduction and economic growth as well as increasing agricultural production and fishing.
Social Welfare Cape Verde (together with Mauritius) recorded the highest position in the African region, with regard to the Economic Freedom Index and gender equality.
Human Rights Cape Verde has achieved the highest score in the annual report on civil and political rights, and considered an example for the international community.

The NGO Ethical Travel is an independent project of the Earth Island Institute so to create the annual list do not request and do not accept any donation or financing of any kind of nations, governments, travel agencies or individuals.